New Features for EasyBridge – Coming Soon!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

The following feature enhancements for teacher self-registration on EasyBridge Basic are scheduled to go live soon. Check back here to learn when they are available!

  • International customers will notice new messaging when using the verification assistance directing them to their regional support for more efficient support accessing their programs.
  • Backend performance enhancements have been made, including reducing email response times.
  • A provisional status has been added to accommodate districts that do not have current, dedicated administrator/account gatekeeper support. Teachers that have been approved under provisional status will still need to use a peer teacher or verification assistance in order to complete their account setup.

EasyBridge Auto and Plus teachers will soon notice enhancements to the EasyBridge landing page that highlight the necesity of product association for their classes and indicate how many products have been added to. Check back soon to see release notes and when these changes will be available!